Sesame-Vocab-Builder, a tool to create Sesame Vocabularies from OWL Ontologies

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Sesame-Vocab-Builder, a tool to create Sesame Vocabularies from OWL Ontologies

Peter Ansell-2
Hi all,

Thomas Kurz, Jakob Frank and I have recently been working on a tool to
create static Java classes, in the style of Sesame Vocabularies, from
RDF files, such as OWL Ontologies. We have been calling it
sesame-vocab-builder so far.

The latest version, 1.2, is now fairly stable and includes the
following features:

* Finds URIs in an RDF file, which may be an OWL Ontology (if it isn't
an OWL Ontology you need to specify the URI prefix to recognise the
URIs in the file manually) and creates a Java class with full Javadoc
based on the RDFS/DC/SKOS annotations found in the Ontology
* Creates Java Localisation ResourceBundle/properties files to
localise interfaces based on RDFS/DC/SKOS translations found in the
* Command line interface to manually generate Java classes from given
files and output them as a .java file
* Maven Plugin to automatically regenerate Java classes and publish
them as a Jar file
* M2E integration for Maven Plugin when using it with Eclipse, which
should auto-update the .java file as you make changes to the ontology
* Programmatic access to the builder as a Java class, independent of
both the CLI and the Maven Plugin, which will write out the Java class
to the file system. There is also an example in the tests of compiling
it using the Java Compiler API to verify that it is valid, etc.
* Case conversion using the Guava CaseFormat API :

You can get it from Maven Central:|ga|1|g%3A%22com.github.tkurz.sesame%22

or check it out from GitHub (fork and send a Pull Request back with
awesome new features!):



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