Sesame 2.7.11 released

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Sesame 2.7.11 released

Jeen Broekstra
Sesame 2.7.11 is a patch release, addressing 16 issues, including
several fixes in Turtle parsing, and some critical changes in how
transaction isolation is handled on in-memory and native stores. In
addition, processing of INSERT/DELETE DATA requests is now significantly
more scalable.

See the OpenRDF JIRA Changelog for a complete listing of all fixed issues:

NOTE: developers who reuse the Sesame testsuites are advised that as
part of SES-2034, several Sesame testsuites have been upgraded to Junit
4. If you use or inherit from these testsuite classes, you may need to
adapt your code when upgrading to this release.

Sesame 2.7.11 can be downloaded here:

The user documentation and API Javadoc can be also found at:

We would welcome any feedback you might have.

You're welcome,

The Sesame development team

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