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IMPORTANT: moving this list to Google Groups

Jeen Broekstra

Shortly, we will be moving the Sesame general mailinglist to a new
place, converting it into a Google Group.

This move is scheduled to happen on Sunday, April 28, at around 23:00 UTC.

All existing subscribers of the mailinglist will be automatically
transferred to the new list, with as much of your current preferences
intact (so if you are a digest member, you will remain so).

After the transfer is completed, we will send you a notification with
the details of the new list, and then the current mailinglist will be

****PLEASE NOTE******
If you do NOT want your e-mail address to be transferred, you need to
UNSUBSCRIBE from THIS MAILINGSTLIST *before* we start the transfer

You can unsubscribe or modify your subscription by visiting and
following the instructions there.

Of course you can always remove or modify your new Google Groups
subscription later as well, if you so desire.

Why are we moving?

Google Groups offers several advantages over the current mailinglist
service. The most important ones are:

1. It can be used as a classic mailingist or as a web forum, at the same
time. Each user can pick their own preferred way to do things.

2. It offers superior archiving and search capabilities.

Thank you,

Jeen Broekstra

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